Welcome to Believable Politics ! We are a political education and engagement website that aims to get you excited about politics and political economy by encouraging your active participation.

Our primary objective is to educate you about and engage you in politics. Our secondary objective is to contextualise what is happening in politics today in order to help you make better political decisions. And finally, our third objective is to call out bad and divisive politics and politicians, simply because these politicians can do more harm than good.

The political narrative today is about the politics of anger and fear. Our mission and objective is to change this narrative to one of hope and belief.

Engagement is at the heart of democracy. By becoming politically engaged, you automatically become an actor on the political stage. We are not funded by any wealthy backers like hedge fund managers, so we are not a mouthpiece for anyone’s views. I have always been suspicious of think-tanks, believing that they want to push someone’s agenda. We have no agenda to push or promote – we aim to be impartial and non-partisan. We believe in the power of ordinary people to change things themselves, bit-by-bit.

You can reach us at : info@believablepolitics.com